On December 7th we acquired the startrekfanfilm cz and domains. A site with news from the shooting sessions will be posted there.

Away Team to Node5 Space

Coordinates: Node5

Node5 IMG 0373A week after the first visit to Node5 we headed there once again (Anna, Samuel, Xyll and Flash).




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First Visit to Location for Interior Shooting

Coordinates: Node5

Node5 20121128 10This Wednesday we visited Node5, where the shooting sessions should take place. Lukas and Alzbet from Node5 were very helpful and we settled on some dates for the shooting sessions.

First Meeting

Coordinates: director's quarters

Five year anniversary of the first screening of Metren Incident was celebrated. But not only that. This very day we also met for another reason - pre-production meeting for yet another fanfilm. We discussed all the preparations, organization, actors, equipment and shooting locations.

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