Extraterrestrial Feast

Cupcaky s čerstvými červíkyWhat are the ingrediences for succesfull extra-terrestrial feast full of appetizers from all around the galaxy? Find out in a new interview with Eva (Barvička) Železná. Small recomendation, best is to have a snack before, otherwise you will be definitelly hungry after seeing all the delicacies.

New Poster

plakat chybejici pribehyNew poster for Star Trek: Secret Games was added to the Gallery of Promo Photos.

Shuttle Snek 2 (Snail 2) is ready for take-off

Šnek 2Even though we are not currently shooting new scenes, work on the fan film continues: the director is selecting the best takes, editor is editing, and our 3D "department" is creating new and updating existing models. Let us introduce you to our literally re-born "Šnek" /which, as your universal translator must know, stands for "Snail"/. It is same, but upgraded model of a shuttle as seen on Star Trek: The Metren Incident...

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About make-up at a gala reception.

Příprava make-upu před příchodem herců

Getting a make-up equippment ready before actors´ arrival. An interview with lagga has been added in a section about filming. She and Irča took over making-up the actors for a “mob“ scene of a gala reception. You can read the interview about make-up for aliens, about gluing pointed ears and applying ridged brows.



Filming of ceremonial reception

Tým, který se podílel na natáčení slavnostní recepceWe had a great opportunity to shoot in a beautiful place – restaurant/café called “Fuel Café“ in Vodafone building, situated in Prague, Vinohrady - during the weekend 8th-9th March.

Both the weekend and the preparation for it were demanding. Not only from the organization point of view – there were over thirty humans (and other extra-terrestrials) on the set – but also because of the high number of masks, coordination effort and backstage preparation...

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