Interview with Grand Nagus

Lulu a Paľo DAX

There has been some time since the success of our project on the server “Startovač.cz“ (Kickstarter). But who are The Ones who gave their support to our project there? Who is a mysterious Grand Nagus?
Now he is exactly whom we invited for and interview. Grand Nagus isn't actually one person but a couple of great fans from Slovakia – Lulu a Paľo DAX.

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USS Startovac

Plaketa USS Startovac webWe would like to dedicate this page to brave women, men and other entities of the USS Startovac NCC 47047 who did not hesitate and came to our help during shooting of the Star Trek fanfilm Secret Games.


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Merry Star Trek Christmas!


Merry Christmas and Happy new year full of Star Trek, successful away teams and new adventures!!

Article about fanfilm

PevnostOur fan film is mentioned in the monthly magazine Pevnost (Stronghold) which is about fantasy and sci-fi. We are in the News section

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Startovac ended, long live fan film!

Skoncilo 48 78424

USS Startovac NCC 47047 landed in docks with mission succesfully completed - 167 %! 48 new crewmembers, ambassadors and even the Great Nagus came on board!

We would like to THANK EVERYONE who supported us either financially or by spreading the news about our fan film via subspace. We appreciate your help and we are really happy we have your support. We will do our best to turn Star Trek: Secret Games into a fan film that will fulfil your expectations!


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