Postprodukce - LCARS panel

LCARS panel

V sekci videa jsme přidali krátké video o tom, čím musí projít třísekundový záběr natočený na zeleném pozadí, aby se z něj stal plnohodnotný záběr na mačkání čudlíků.

Promo Photo

Promo photo of characters from Star Trek: Secret Games

New addition to our gallery is a promo photo of all characters from the first episode of Between the Lines. There are 37 characters of 11 different species and 34 actors!

Making Of - part II

Maskování Denobulana a BolianaHave a look at our new documentary video, this time about application of masks and prothetics during the very first shooting weekend. You can see the music video composed from timelaps photos in the video section of our webpage or on our youtube channel (in both places with English subtitles).


One of the cameras used for shooting our fan film.

As the final weekend of shooting is behind us, we begin the post-production of our fan film Star Trek: Between the Lines. An ideal time to look back at all the work involved in shooting a movie. We have prepared an interview with Radek (Flash) Bělina who took over a very important role of head cameraman. In this interview you will find out what equipment was used for shooting and how did both preparation and shooting look like from behind a camera.

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