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Secret Games are now filed in the IMDB movie database.  

Pevnost 01-2020

Secret Games in the Pevnost magazine

The January issue of the Pevnost magazine contains an article on Star Trek fan films and an extra about Secret Games. The article pleased us a lot, so we’re happy to share it with you here.


Pevnost 01-2020

Star Trek: Between the Lines – screening in Moravia no. 2

November 16 – a cinematic premiere of the first episode of our series titled Star Trek: Between the Lines took place in Moravia, more precisely in the Panorama cinema in Kyjov. The screening was also attended by three of the actors, namely Terezie Holesinska (Dr. Sintel Tirin), Jana Krcmarova (Captain Talisa Ren) and Jan Gruber (Soryk of Vulcan). The majority of the audience was not Trekkies nor sci-fi fans. All the more reason to appreciate the very positive responses to our movie that caught us by surprise. We’ve had a discussion after the screening where questions regarding production of movie projects were mixed with numerous compliments. A huge shoutout to the organizer of the event – Terezie Holesinska and her family, who arranged a fantastic catering.

You can read through a lengthy report in the Hodonin newspaper as the reporter personally attended the screening.

To wrap things up, we’d also like to invite you to another screening, this time in the Hodonin library on Dec 19, 2019. We seem to be doing great in Moravia.

clanek 1strana maly

Star Trek: Between the Lines – screening in Moravia

November 16, 2019 – yet another screening of our series titled Star Trek: Between the Lines is going to take place. This time in the Panorama cinema in Kyjov, starting at 15:00. The main initiator of the event is Terezie Holesinska, who is by the way the actor in one of the main roles, and who we thank very much. It’s good news that even audiences outside Prague can enjoy the first episode of our new series titled Secret Games.

Admission: voluntary on the spot

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