Frequently Asked Questions

- How long did it take to shoot The Secret Games fanfilm ?

We had started with shooting of Secret Games in March 2013 and the premiere was May 31, 2019. The last shots were taken in 2014 and since then started hard work on postproduction of the shots. This proved to be very time consuming because many scenes were shot in front of green screen and required creation of 3D models to simulate starships interiors and exteriors.


- When is the series taking place?

The Metren Incident takes place in 2371. Secret Games in 2372.


- Where are you shooting the film?

Compared to Metren Incident, Secret Games is better off - we are not shooting in the attic anymore! Part of interior scenes was shot at Node5 and majority at premises of Devoteam.Company We would like to thank a lot to both of them for their willingness to let Star Trek fans run around their premises in uniforms and with phasers (set to stun, mostly ;-)

  • Devoteam is Information & Communication Technology consulting company
  • Node 5 is a community center specialising in support of star-ups and small businesses 


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