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Today we launched our campaign to support filming of Star Trek: Secrect Games on (Czech equivalent of ! The aim of the project on Startovac is to cover part of our costs for production of the fanfilm, mainly with prothetics, costumes, props... We prepared a short video (in Czech with English subtitles) that you can view on either startovač or youtube...

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Second Away Team

Bůh ví co trikordér zaznamenal

It is Saturday 31. August and we lead our second away team.This time, we take also our Dolly for a walk. No, we don't have a sheep, this is our DIY camera dolly and its tracks. We depart early morning to avoid aborigins, who have a tendency to go for a stroll after lunch to our shooting sites...

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Shooting a ST Fan Movie Outdoors

Klapka On Saturday August 10th 2013 we started our first shooting outdoors. I knew I wouldn’t appear on the set myself today but I was curious to see the shooting anyway. As the shooting place is situated on the opposite site of the city from where I live it took me over one hour to arrive but thanks to prepared maps and mobile GPS I was able to find the whole group, already working hard.

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The Fifth Shooting

Ti co přežili první denThis is our first shooting in exteriors. We go on away team to an alien planet and we disrupt passers by with our "camera....action". The bipedal aborigines seem to be fascinated by our uniforms and recording technology, whereas the quadrupedals are more interested in our cooling box with food rations. 

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Přidejte se k nám

Join!Do našeho týmu hledáme nové členy posádky, kteří by nám pomohli s postprodukcí, ať už 3D nebo 2D. Více informací najdete zde.

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