Fourth Shooting

RomulanéOn a hot weekend of 22-23 June we have our sixth filming in the premises of Devoteam Company. We are able to film most of the planned scenes despite high temperatures and absence of the film director. We shoot our first fight sceen, which we manage thanks to help of two martial art experts. Ladies show the actors how to boldly face enemies in front of greenscreen and how to make it look great at the same time.

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Third Shooting

Třetí natáčení - 25-26.5.2013Another shooting takes place on weekend of 25th and 26th May. We meet again in the premises of Devoteam, we build greenscreen, put up the lights, start the cameras and shooting of interior scenes from the Federation stasrhip USS Avatar can start.

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Second Shooting

DSC 5232

13th-14th April is here - a time for a second shooting session indoor. This time the session took place at Devoteam space. We brought more lights and finally we achieved a sensitivity of ISO 200.


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First Shooting

IMG 2215The very first shooting session indoor was held on March 9-10. On Saturday morning we were preparing masks, make-up, dolly and green screen. Around midday we headed to the shooting room and set the lights up.

Unfortunately we had problems with lack of light. High ceilings are awesome but do not reflect enough light back.

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Andorian uniforms fabric

Today we decided what fabric we will use for Andorian diplomatic delegation costumes. Now we need to find someone who won't get scared of by this task (sewing of the uniforms).

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