Filming of ceremonial reception

Tým, který se podílel na natáčení slavnostní recepceWe had a great opportunity to shoot in a beautiful place – restaurant/café called “Fuel Café“ in Vodafone building, situated in Prague, Vinohrady - during the weekend 8th-9th March.

Both the weekend and the preparation for it were demanding. Not only from the organization point of view – there were over thirty humans (and other extra-terrestrials) on the set – but also because of the high number of masks, coordination effort and backstage preparation...

Karel ( exhibited incredible skills again and masked Andorians, Romulans, Vulcans and Tellarite for both days. Ondra was helping with masking, and make-up was lagga’s and Irča’s job. You can see the results here, in our photogallery and on Facebook.

Masking on multiple frontlines

Masking of Andorian emissary

Visitors from other worlds  (from the left: MVek, Peter, Rasťa, Karel, Rin, Ještěrka, Lyta).





True-blue is good, both as a uniform and as a skin (from the left: Annie, Peter, Rasťa, Ještěrka, Rin)

Romulans – emissary Ruwon (MVek) and subcommander Taris (Lyta)Tellaritský vylanec (Karel) si pochutnává na koláčcích s červíčky.Vulcan emissary Skalar (PraotecTrekkie)





Of course, there would be something important missing on a ceremonial reception without something to eat and drink for the emissaries and Starfleet guys. Provision of alien looking (and tasting) food was managed by Barvička. Everything was edible, and we tried it immediately after* the last take of the weekend.

Green wormcakes

 Barvička prepares extra-terrestrial banquetDried tellarite cuttlefishlings 




On Saturday morning, we put greenscreen in place. This will be removed in post-production and replaced by a view of outer space. Thanks to the plenty of space, we were able to shoot both from camera cart (dolly) and with the help of camera crane. Both technical solutions are self-made.

Stavba zeleného pozadí za

Poslední úpravy předtím, než padne klapkaKamera, klapka, akce!Žluté uniformy





Proč se nehádat s ozbrojeným bezpečákemDavové scény vyžadují hodně koordinace a pečlivé rozmístění herců i kamery.Vyslanci a posádky lodí ze všech koutů galaxie

Zvukař Zbyněk a fotograf Vláďa





Scény, které se odehrávají na lodi USS Avatar, se natáčí tradičně na zeleném pozadíBezpečnost účastníků recepce je zajištěnaJedna ze skupinek na recepci: Emisary (Monty) s romulanským (MVek), vulkánským (PraotecTrekkie), a andorským vyslancem (Peter) a jeho bodyguardem (Rin).Kameramani: Denerog, Flash a Korálek.






* And even before that, when the director was not looking (translator’s remark)


Translated to English by Zephram

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